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The circuit

Arctic Circle Raceway is located in Norway, 25 km north of Mo i Rana at the edge to the Arctic. ACR is the world’s most northern racing circuit of it’s kind, and it’s modern design with open and circular corners and a width of 11 to 13 meters and a relief of 31 meters, makes it to a favorite among enthusiast.

The 3,75 km circuit was designed and constructed by local racing enthusiasts, architects and engineers, and built by a cluster of dedicated and skilled contractors. Voluntary and unpaid work, several thousand hours, was an important part of the funding. In August 1995, almost ten years after the first sketches, Arctic Circle Raceway was officially opened with FIMs executive board present at the circuit.

We are not there yet, but there is no way back: Go green, go Arctic!


ACR was originally designed and built for roadracing, but is a loved circuit among car enthusiasts. It is known as one of Europe’s most exciting, fun and challenging circuits. Thanks to the midnight sun, ACR is the only racing arena in the world where 24 hours endurance race can be done in complete daylight, and the scenery and the arctic surroundings is stunning.

At summer time ACR is surrounded by snow-speckled blue mountains, green valleys and white rivers. Norways second largest national park, Saltfjellet-Svartisen,  two large glaciers and several deep caves are in the neighborhood. Elk, reindeers and other kind of arctic wildlife is rather common, and less than 700 m south of the circuit edge lays the Tiurhaugen Forest Biological Reserve

Partly subterranean under the circuit, the river Vesteråga takes care of every raindrop that falls at the circuit. Before the raindrop ends in the Ranafjord via the acknowledged salmon river, Ranelva, the rain has passed three environmentally friendly powerstations. All this makes ACR self-sufficient with renewable power from the rain and snow that falls at the arena and the hillside through the year.

Arctic Circle Raceway is heading for a more sustainable future, with the aim to continue what motorsport allways have done: Developing new solutions, better technologies and more fun. We and our neighbors are living close to the arctic, and we are sharing UNs concern for our environment and climate. A new platform for battery charging and hydrogen filling is planned, and we want to get more of our building heating from natural geo energy.

Circuit data

Length: 3753m

Width: 11m-13m

Longest straight: 493m

Pitlane length: 725m

Relief: 31m

Grade: Max 8,6 percent

Elevation: 185-215 m/asl

Pitboxes: 30 ex/12 m²


Lap record

Daniel Kubberød (NO)


Honda CBR 1000 RR

July 2009


Jonathan Lykke Nessjøen (NO)

SST 600

Yamaha R6

July 2019


Martin Holtet Hemmestad (NO)

NC Supersport 300


July 2019


Martin Magnussen (NO)

NC Juniorsport 300

Kawasaki 400 standard

July 2019


Standing lap records — Cars:

Lap record
Pontus Mörth (SE)
Formula 3
June, 1996
Jan «Flash» Nilsson (SE)



August 2000


Stefan Mucke
Road legal
Ford GT 2nd gen
September 2018

Circuit address

24 km north of Mo i Rana
Junction/E6 700m south of Storforshei
Drive 3,5 km northwest

City office, visitor address

Gml. Sparebankgården
Fridtjof Nansens gate 21
8622 Mo i Rana

Postal address

Fridtjof Nansens gate 21
Mo i Rana

General rental inquiries

Company Contact

Øystein Bentzen – tlf +47 950 25 340 –

Invoice address
EHF invoice to NO 918 589 509

Inquiries regarding invoices from ACR


All ACR leases are signed digitally via Signant and filed in Poweroffice

Company board

Chairman: Øystein Bentzen, tlf +47 950 25 340 –
Board member: Frode Kvernrød, tlf +47 915 67 232 –
Board member: Geir Steinbakk, tlf +47 906 93 112 –